Annual Arts & Crafts Fair

Annual Arts & Crafts Fair

*** Updated for 2017 ***

Friday & Saturday, November 24 & 25
10am to 5pm
“Handcrafted to Fine Arts”
Rockville Community Center

43 Main Street, Rockville, UT 84763

                                                                                              BOOTH FEES

Please note new policy: There is only one booth size available and vendors must attend both days of the fair.

                                                                                                                                   8×6 Booth for Fri and Sat               

                                                   Z-Arts Members                                                               $60.00

                                                   Non-Members*                                                                 $80.00

                                                     *Includes $20.00 Z-Arts membership fee.

Big News!  Due to road construction, the fair will be

held at the Rockville Community Center this year!!!


1. SCREENING: Artists are screened before being accepted into the fair. Applications are numbered, processed and screened in the order received. Please submit 5 current and properly labeled color images that most accurately represent your work. Label your images to correspond with the descriptions on your application. Mailed images are retained for our records and will not be returned. Emailed images must also be clearly labeled with artist/vendor name.

2. ORIGINALITY: To be eligible for the arts and craft show, all work exhibited and for sale must be original work produced by the artist. Reproductions of artist’s original work are acceptable provided they are clearly marked as reproductions.

3. COMMERCIAL OR COTTAGE HOME FOOD VENDORS: Please submit copies of required county and/or state licenses or certificates. Copies must also be posted at your booth for customer viewing. The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Division of Regulatory Services has the authority to regulate and inspect areas where food is for sale. Vendors are required to investigate rules and regulations that apply to their product. Food handlers’ permits from the County Health Department are required if serving food or samples.  Vendors who are selling food items that are not raw vegetables and fruits must register with the State Department of Agriculture and Food or the Public Health Department. All food items must be prepared off-site prior to the fair. Food cannot be warmed or heated on site. (For more information on licensing, contact Randy Jenson for Washington/Kane/Iron counties, 435-559-0680,; or Rebecca Nielsen, Cottage Food Program Coordinator, (801) 538-7152 Office, (801) 860-7075 cell,; or Klint Frei, Southwest Utah Public Health Department, 435-986-2541,

4. BOOTH SPACE: Spaces are assigned at the discretion of Z-Arts. Space size is approximate. Please note that spaces are measured 6’ out from wall, with an 8’ front. Artists are liable for delivery, handling, setup and removal of displays and materials. Floor must be protected from spills of any liquid products. Do not attach banners, signage or other material to the walls. All pertinent fire codes, laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention and public safety must be strictly obeyed.

5. VENUE RULES: It is the Town’s policy to recycle; recycling containers are available and must be used. No alcohol is permitted on the premises. Children accompanying artists must be supervised at all times. Animals are not permitted inside the building. Artist is liable for any damages to the Canyon Community Center resulting from or related to its use.

6. CONTRACTED TIMES: Artists must be open for business at the fair’s opening and must remain in business until the close of the fair each day. You may lose your assigned space if you do not check in during the allotted time. Break down must not begin prior to the close of the fair.

7. CHECK-IN & STRIKE: Artist check-in is between 8 am and 9 am on Friday. At the close of the fair, you will have one hour to break down and remove all items from your space. Please leave your space clear and clean. If you require more time for setup, please contact Z-Arts (see below) to make special arrangements.

8. SALES TAX: Artists are solely responsible for the collection and remittance of sales tax to the state of Utah. Tax forms will be provided upon check-in. Note: bring adequate change as the bank will be closed.

9. REFUNDS: Booth fees will be refunded in full to applicants NOT accepted to the fair. After acceptance, booth fees are non-refundable. No exceptions.

10. DEADLINE: Completed applications must be postmarked by September 15. You will be notified of acceptance to the fair no later than October 1.

11. RELEASE OF LIABILITY: By signing the application, the artist will hereby release and forever discharge Z-Arts, the Canyon Community Center, the city of Springdale and all sponsoring organizations and their directors, officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss, damage or injury arising out of or in conjunction with his/her participation in the fair.

For questions or to make special arrangements, please contact Joyce Hartless at (435) 772-3434, ext. 313, or email

Please click these links for additional information:

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This project is supported by Utah Arts and Museums, with funding from the State of Utah and the National Endowment for the Arts .


Support for this event provided by The National Endowment for the Arts - Art Works