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Zion Canyon Native Flute School

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Zion Canyon Native Flute School

Beautiful Zion National Park in Southern Utah provides the backdrop for the 2017 Zion Canyon Native Flute School.


Classes will address jazz flute, composition, ensemble performance and the healing flute presented by great facilitators from across the nation. You will come away with the ability to play with confidence and an understanding of rhythms, tones and improvisation.


The native flute is simple to play … you don’t even have to read music!


To learn more, visit the Zion Canyon Native Flute School website.


Z-Arts is proud to sponsor the evening performances at the Canyon Community Center.


Sunday, March 5th at 7:00 pm – Drum Circle

Monday, March 6th at 6:00 pm – Teachers’ Performance

Wednesday, March 8th at 6:00 pm – Student Performance

Canyon Community Center, 126 Lion Blvd, Sprindale


Thank you to the Town of Springdale and the Canyon Community Center for supporting this event



Fabulous Fiber Follies

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Fabulous Fiber Follies

The Red Rock Weavers Guild will be featuring their fiber creations at the Canyon Community Center.


The show contains:

  • handmade items by local folks
  • heirlooms made or acquired by or for ancestors
  • pieces made by the Red Rock Weavers
  • unusual fiber things purchased on world travels
  • woven and/or quilted items created by Southern Utah artisans







This show will be on display at the Canyon Community Center

February 14th to March 29th

with a reception on

February 18th from 5 to 7 pm


The Canyon Community Center is located at 126 Lion Blvd. in Springdale.


The Gallery Hours Are:

Monday – Thursday 10am to 7pm

Friday 10am to 5pm

Saturday 12 noon to 5pm

Closed Sunday

Building Clouds, by Sarah Hamingson

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Building Clouds, by Sarah Hamingson

“Building Clouds:  A Journey from Canyons to Mountains”


Moab pastel artist Sarah Hamingson will be displaying a collection of her paintings in the Canyon Community Center Gallery throughout the month of January 2017.  Her reception will be the evening of January 14th.


_mg_8271-jpg-12x17360dpi-smaller   first-snow-portal-9x12360dpi-smaller

Sarah Hamingson

January 14th Artist Reception

Canyon Community Center

126 Lion Blvd, Springdale





Sarah Hamingson

I love rocks, especially red rocks.  I love clouds, and the play of light and shadow on those rocks and clouds.  The best way I’ve managed to share that love is through my art, by showing people what it is that moves me.  It gets me out of bed in the morning, it gets me out exploring every chance I have.  I strive to create my interpretation of that beauty so that others will also be moved by it and want to be a part of it.

I have made art in some form or other throughout my life, from creating and performing with puppets as a teenager to drawing, watercolors and ceramics as an adult.  In 2008, I took a pastel class and knew that I had found my medium.  In 2009, I began competing in shows and earning ribbons and cash prizes and making sales.

My focus as an artist is primarily in interpreting the landscape around us.  I never tire of being out exploring (well, except for the day I climbed two “14ers”!) and noticing the ways the light and shadows change the landscape, at different times of day, at different seasons of the year.  Through my paintings I hope to both share my vision of it, and challenge viewers to look more deeply themselves.  I look at my art as a way to build an understanding of and connection to the land around us.


The Canyon Community Center Gallery is located at 126 Lion Blvd. in Springdale.

Gallery Hours:

Monday through Thursday 10am to 7pm

Friday 10am to 5pm

Saturday 12 noon to 5pm


Thank you to the Town of Springdale and the Canyon Community Center for supporting this gallery show.

The Champions Documentary Screening

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The Champions Documentary Screening

Z-Arts is pleased to offer the Zion Canyon Community

this extraordinary story of hope, encouragement and second chances. 

Should we not strive to provide every living creature a shot at happiness?


Sunday, January 22nd at 2:00 pm

Canyon Community Center

126 Lion Blvd, Springdale

~~~  Free Admission  ~~~

Panel discussion featuring local dog experts will follow


When the news broke that former Atlanta Falcons’ star quarterback Michael Vick was implicated in a long running illegal dog-fighting ring, the case shone a public light into the world of dog fighting.  It showed the human spirit at its most degraded, a world where men gather in secret to gamble and celebrate as dogs are forced to fight to their deaths.  Dogs that refused to fight were tortured, drowned, hanged, and electrocuted.

champions_movie_poster_smallerVick was sentenced to 23 months in prison, (none for animal cruelty), and later returned to lucrative high-profile career in the NFL.  Left behind in the aftermath were over 50 pit bulls who associated humans with brutality, fear, and fighting.  The judicial system had saved them from the ring, but what next?  The Humane Society of the United States considered them to be the most aggressively trained pit bulls in the country.  PETA described them as a “ticking time bomb.”  But, as one of the attorneys involved in the case explains, the general public and animal welfare advocates started asking the prosecutors “why do you have to kill these dogs?”  The prosecutor said he received more calls and emails about the fate of the dogs than when a terrorist was arrested.  The judge who decided their fate said he received over 3,000 emails and his assistant was taking 200 calls per day about the case at the time.

A handful of organizations stepped up to this challenge, curly2981recognizing the dogs as the victims and willing to give them a second chance. BADRAP, a pit bull focused advocacy and rescue organization based in Oakland CA, welcomed ten dogs with a variety of personalities and challenges into their foster network. Best Friends Animal Society agreed to take 22 dogs that no one else could, the dogs many considered the most challenging.  Even though the unique no-kill animal sanctuary, based in Southern Utah, had an extremely qualified and dedicated full-time staff of veterinarians, trainers, and caregivers, they were unsure whether or not they would succeed.  They hoped that with time, patience, and dedication, they could rehabilitate some, if not all of the dogs, and eventually find many of them loving adoptive homes.  Best Friends had taken on difficult dogs before in their almost 30 year history, but this would be their biggest challenge yet, and they were putting their reputation—and more importantly, that of the entire breed—on the line.

denzel4596_original-ddThe documentary The Champions, follows five of the dogs, from the time they are first rescued through their adoption.  It is not just about the dogs themselves, but how they change and inspire the people who come into their lives.  It also follows-up with six dogs who remain at Best Friends to this day, some of them for life.  Thanks to the work of Best Friends and BADRAP, dozens of the dogs who would have summarily been killed were given a second chance to prove that even fighting dogs rescued from the most extreme circumstances can be successfully rehabilitated with love, time, and patience.  That in fact, what many of these dogs need to thrive isn’t rehabilitation at all, but time to recover.

mel5840-dd-v1   jonnyhiresdsc_0448   handsomedan

Today, a majority of the dogs have successfully been placed into loving, adoptive homes.  Their story proves that even creatures who have suffered the most unimaginable abuse have amazing strength, spirit, and resilience. It is a story of the bonds of trust and love we have with animals and their importance in our lives, a relationship that has the potential to bring out the best in the human and animal spirit.

dogs-willieThe film also highlights breed discrimination towards pit-bull type dogs and what that looks and feels like with a segment about professional baseball player Mark Buehrle and his family. Breed discrimination happens across the country and can take a number of different forms, but the Buehrle’s story is interesting because in an unusual twist of fate, and because of Mark’s career as a professional baseball pitcher, they experienced it both in Miami-Dade county and in Toronto. Their story is especially touching because while they have faced criticism for choosing that the family live apart from Mark during the season, it exemplifies the significance of people’s pets in their lives— one doesn’t simply walk away when there’s trouble once you’ve invited a pet to be part of the family.

sally-ddAnd there is no better time for this topic.  There is much recent press surrounding the lack of accountability of the NFL and its players.  But more importantly, animal welfare issues are on the rise in our society today, from the conditions of animals in factory farms, fur farms, medical research, the exploitation of animals in the name of entertainment, and the unfair banning of pit-bull type dogs from various cities across the country, just because of their breed.  But if Mahatma Gandhi was right that “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated,” this story offers up reasons for hope and signs of progress, and provides an inspirational message for our time.


Click Here to Watch The Trailer



To learn more about the

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab,

plan a visit, or give a donation, click here.



Our Panel of Local Experts shall include:


Filomena Diaz Johnson

Filomena “Filly” Diaz Johnson is the owner/operator of the 10 acre DOGGY DUDE RANCH (an innovation leader in less stress pet care) for over 25 years.  Filly has over 45+ years experience in pet care, as a vet tech, trainer and behaviorist consultant.  She has worked with many local resources including Best Friends fostering, rehabbing and re-homing countless dogs as well as other species.  For over 20 years Filly worked as Animal Liason (animal control) between the towns of Springdale, Rockville, and Virgin.  She continues her education with classes, workshops and webinars in training and nutrition.  By the end of this summer, she plans to complete her certification in Canine conditioning.  Filly and her husband, Stephen, have six dogs, plus one foster, two cats, one horse and twenty chickens.


Linda Peterson

Linda Peterson has recently purchased a home in Rockville.  As a 6th grader, she found an Animal Health Technician career pamphlet and by age 16, she was employed in a veterinary hospital.  After obtaining her veterinary degree and state license, she worked for several more years as a vet tech until the opportunity to work in an Animal Shelter arose.  Her five years at the county shelter as an Animal Control Officer (ACO) opened her eyes to the true need for animal rescue and protection.  The following ten years Linda managed the veterinary division of two City Animal Shelters and worked in the field as an ACO.  She was fortunate to work in cities with very large budgets, enabling a 95-98% adoption rate, far higher than the poorly funded county shelter.  When her daughter was born in 1999, she retired from working with animals to run the family business, but she has continued to work with local rescue groups to assist in adoptions, fund raising, etc.  She lives with her husband and 17 year old daughter as well as three cats and three dogs, all of whom are rescues.  Her dog Radar was adopted from Filly at Doggy Dude Ranch seven years ago.



Crissy Crismon has had a relationship with dogs all her life.  She trained the family pets and got her first Irish Setters in 1972.  From those wonderful companions, Crissy gained great understanding of training and the differences in dog personalities, both breed related and individually.  In 1987 Crissy got one of the loves of her life, a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) named Kuki.  For almost 17 years the two were inseparable.  During those 17 years, other dogs, cats, horses and goats would come in and out of her family, each bringing training insights.  When Crissy retired from her career in 2005, she got two more GSP’s followed by two Belgian Tervurens.  With time now to train and show full time, these dogs excelled in companion events such as agility, obedience and rally obedience.  Together these dog teams won ribbons, got titles and made for some great experiences.  Whether demonstrating or teaching, Crissy is active in many dog sporting events.  She is currently helping friends train their own dogs in her neighborhood.


Thank you to the Town of Springdale and the Canyon Community Center for supporting this event

Washburn Family Bluegrass Band

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Washburn Family Bluegrass Band

Performing at the Light Parade in front of SOL Market between the hours of 5 and 7 pm on Saturday, December 10th.  A “Sweets Social” will follow.  For more details, visit!

Gala Tickets On Sale Now!

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Gala Tickets On Sale Now!

Let’s Celebrate!  Thanks to our many supporters, Z-Arts has hosted 70 events in the disciplines of visual arts, performing arts, literary, film and the humanities.  Now it’s time to celebrate at the annual Gala!

You’re not going to want to miss this!  A fabulous Switchback dinner, wine and live entertainment by Harry “O” and Friends.


Friday, December 2nd from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Switchback Grill, 1149 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale

$50 tickets on sale now


Get tickets from any Z-Arts Board Member or

Call (435) 772-3434 x 313

or visit the Z-Arts office in the Canyon Community Center at 126 Lion Blvd in Springdale on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday mornings between the hours of 9am and noon.


Ticket Deadline Tuesday, November 22nd

so we can provide accurate count to the restaurant in timely manner.


Harry OHarry”O” – Guitar and vocals

From private parties to the stages of music festivals and state fairs.

From local bars and clubs to restaurants and hotels.

From the chicken wire protected stages of the rural south to the coolest Blues bars in Chicago, Milwaukee and Indianapolis.

From upscale weddings at the finest exclusive Country Clubs to backyard divorce parties.

From a “Blues in the Schools” program at an elementary school in an urban neighborhood to a “Happy Hour” at an assisted living facility.

From a christening to a Blues Funeral service.”

He’s played every imaginable kind of gig and always left the clients satisfied that they hired the right man for the job!

Drew Millerberg – Bass and vocals

As versatile bassist from The SF bay area is proficient in many genres has played all over the world. He states that his biggest thrill was openning for the likes of CCR, The Grass Roots and the late, great, Ray Charles!

Charlie Mikkelson – Drums

Originally from LA;  played, recorded and taught drums in the LA area till he moved to the St. George area in 2007.

He has played with, The Dixie’s Troubadours, Classic Country, Dakota Nights and currently plays with Vinyl Fusion  and Harry”O” and Friends.

Austin McDonald – Tenor Sax

A St.George native, started playing at the age of 12 at Pine View Middle School and continued playing his sax in marching bands, concert bands and Jazz bands throughout his High school career. He’s currently playing with The C-notes and Non-sufficient Funds, in addition to playing with Harry”O”.

Lines in Nature

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Lines in Nature

Recent Works by Carol Bold and Justin Newby

Canyon Community Center Gallery Show


linesinnature-flyer smaller






Monday – Thursday 10am to 7pm

Friday 10am to 5pm

Saturday noon to 5pm

Closed Sunday

Zion Canyon Arts & Crafts Fair

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Zion Canyon Arts & Crafts Fair

Avoid the crowds Thanksgiving weekend and enjoy a leisurely drive to the Zion Canyon, where you’ll find exceptional handcrafted and original items! This year’s show will include lavender, beeswax and essential oils in various soaps, bath bombs and shaving products.  Original artwork, photography and hand made cards for those who value visual arts.  Exotic jerky, raw local honey, smoked nuts, jams, cookies, breads and more for those who value culinary arts.  Silk scarves, woven mats, and crocheted items for those who prefer originality.  Wood carvings, candle holders, and pottery too.  And of course, jewlery:  Navajo, copper, silver, gemstones and wizard stones.


Friday, November 25th and

Saturday, November 26th

10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Canyon Community Center

126 Lion Blvd, Springdale

4Silversmithed-Lynn Dalton-sm

  20160929_205141-smDSC_3058 sm

IMG_4171Ptak3woven wool scarf

Dueling Paintbrushes

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Dueling Paintbrushes

Two painters traveled up the Missouri River within a year of each other, George Catlin in 1832 and Karl Bodmer in 1833.  They had very different temperaments and very different styles for documenting the same Indian villages, the same chiefs, the same sacred rituals, the same bison herds, the same river bluffs.  Catlin and Bodmer also illustrated how each tribe painted accounts of their own lives in their own styles on tipis, drums, and buffalo hides.  Their paintings provide a rich visual record of the High Plains at a unique time in history:  after Lewis & Clark, but before the arrival of railways and photography.



Kristi Hager

Kristi Hager, painter & photographer

Sunday, November 6th at 7:00 pm

Canyon Community Center

126 Lion Blvd, Springdale


Audience members will be asked to consider whether they would prefer a portrait or a photograph of Mandan leader Ma-To-Toh-Pa (Four Bears), or his buffalo robe depicting his victories with his own hand.



George Catlin

George Catlin

Sioux Ball Player

Mato-tope Mandan Chief

Mandan Chief

Karl Bodmer

Karl Bodmer

Moonshot Through The Double Helix

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Moonshot Through The Double Helix

A revolution in cancer research is taking place and the world is starting to take notice. Utah’s Intermoutain Healthcare and famed genomic researcher, Dr. Lincoln Nadauld, who came to Intermountain Healthcare from Stanford University, are initiating a novel approach to the treatment of cancer by instituting personalized cancer medicine using cutting edge genetic sequencing technologies. This film tells the story of how this came to be the “Moonshot for the 21st Century” with Vice President Joe Biden leading the charge.  Produced by Springdale’s Mayor Stan Smith.


Documentary Film Screening

Wednesday, October 19th at 7:00 pm

Canyon Community Center, 126 Lion Blvd, Springdale


Dr. Lincoln Nadauld

Dr. Lincoln Nadauld

Double Helix

Double Helix


The goal of Cancer Moonshot is to double the rate of progress toward a cure – to make a decade of advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care in five years.

Dr.’s Lincoln Nadauld, Derrick Haslem and Pravin Mishra along with a world-class team at Intermountain Healthcare Precision Genomics have initiated a novel approach to the treatment of cancer.  By sequencing a patient’s DNA to find genetic mutations that are known to cause cancer, and then targeting the drugs accordingly.

Phil Tuckett is the executive director of DOCUTAH and Dixie State University Films.  Director Stan Smith is the owner of Bumbleberry Inn and the mayor of Springdale.  They have shadowed the work of the Intermountain Healthcare’s doctors and created an informative documentary.

“The driving force behind the making of this film for me was about giving patients and families hope. Very few people know what genomic research is, but when you explain to them what it can do and that it can give those suffering from cancer new hope, they go – wow!” according to Stan Smith.  Tuckett agreed, stating, “It could be the very future of what brings cancer under control and it’s right here in our community.”

Credit:  The Spectrum

Credit:  St George News


Thank you to the Town of Springdale and the Canyon Community Center for supporting this film screening.