Lynnette Loughton

The Art of Lynnette Loughton will be on display in the Canyon Community Center from October 12th to November 21st.  Refreshments will be served and attendance is free to the

Artist Reception

Saturday, October 21st

5:30 to 7:30 pm

Lynnette is an energetic, positive and accomplished person with many interests and life-style skills. She calls herself half nuts with all the activities she still gets a kick out of doing! They include making reversible hand-braided wool rugs, personal fitness and nutrition, weight training, hiking, biking, golfing, swimming and water aerobics, fishing, piano, organ, and vocal music. She prepares a musical theatre organ concert every two years just so she can still ‘romp and stomp’ on the manuals of the instrument. This past summer she ‘harked the lark’ performing an evening of Rodgers and Hammerstein classic Broadway vocals. She directs choirs, composes and arranges both sacred and secular choral pieces and is published with several companies. She continues to share her love for music with others while expanding on her artistic passions.

Lynnette Loughton was born in Logan, Utah. At a young age her family moved to Cokeville, Wyoming where she often visited the home of well-known artist, Minerva Teichert and witnessed her wall sized paintings. It was from an early age that Lynnette demonstrated natural abilities in the arts, both musical and artistic interests. Her family relocated to Ogden, Utah during her teenage years where she attended Weber County Schools. Throughout her youth, Lynnette received recognition for her many talents in the fine arts, especially music. These musical talents led her to pursue a career as a music educator, touching the lives of many with her love of song. She graduated from Weber State University and taught in public school systems forty-four years as an elementary music/art specialist and junior high school choral music and musical theatre instructor. She relished the process and enjoyment of teaching her students whom she really loved!

Lynnette actually tried to take up painting over the years a few times by hiring a teacher to tell her everything to do and where to put the paint stroke…wishing now that in those younger years she could have afforded art lessons.  After leaving professional life she expanded her horizons by picking up a paint brush four years ago. She now loves to paint-has a passion for it, and continues to be a life-long learner while enjoying new friendships and associations. It has also been her good fortune to participate in instructional workshops the past couple of years with Roland Lee, Jim Wilcox, Jodi McGregor, Brad Holt and John Poon.

Her love of the western mountain beauty, southwest deserts and colorful rock formations are seen in her landscape art. Camping and outdoor trips with family and friends in Wyoming, Utah and Idaho led to an interest in Indian cultures of the Southwest and her interest in creating unique, original mixed medium acrylic Indian Shaman Spirits.

Lynnette hopes that on this continuing journey of brush mileage there will be time for the paint strokes to catch up to her artist eye, and that each time a brush and clean white canvas is available, that she will be brave enough to begin another artistic expression and let it unfold!

Lynnette’s three children call her a loving mother and grandmother of six. She is the wife of Jack Loughton. Their primary residence is in St. George, Utah with a summer home in Island Park,  Idaho-two locations with vistas to fill in her soul for painting!

Lynnette writes that, “I do love to paint! It has changed my life. It gives me great pleasure when others like my paintings,” and she expresses appreciation to Z-Arts, Zion Arts and Humanities Council of Springdale town for this one artist gallery show at the Canyon Community Center.  


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